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The Illinois Central Room

The railroad, which came to Storm Lake in 1870, was important to Buena Vista County’s development and prosperity before the national network of highways. Most goods were transported by train, and it was speedy (by the standards of the day) and reliable for early travelers. The county seat of Buena Vista County was relocated from Sioux Rapids to Storm Lake in 1878, in part because of the arrival of the railroad.

Illinois Central Railroad_01.jpg
Illinois Central Railroad_11.jpg

The Illinois Central Room serves as a meeting room that can hold around 50 people and a display area showcasing the ticket office and other artifacts salvaged from the Storm Lake Illinois Central train station before its demolition. Also present is a map showing all the rail lines and depots in the county, and a large mural dedicated to transport history.

The meeting room, with recently updated technology, can be used to show historical films, host meetings and as a venue for public presentations. It is also available for rental.

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