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Mill Creek Exhibit

This Mill Creek display feature artifacts from Mill Creek Native American sites excavated by Reverend Frank Van Voorhis in the 1930s and 40s. The Mill Creek People lived in the area in and around the Little Sioux River valley from around 1000 to 1300 AD. They maintained connections with other groups as far away as Illinois and way to the south.

Mill Creek Tribe_8312.jpg
Mill Creek Tribe_8367.jpg

The Mill Creek people were early Native Americans cultivating corn. This led to population growth and expansion into about 35 village sites. After 1300 it is thought they may have relocated further west along the Missouri River to join tribes visited by the Lewis & Clark expedition in 1804.

The collection is one of the largest in the state. Visitors marvel at the practicality, ingenuity and skill demonstrated in the construction and use of these artifacts.

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